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County Court Civil Cases


The judicial system identifies these cases as Civil Cases because their issues and complaints addressed by the Civil Law Statutes.

County court civil cases involve debt collection, landlord/tenant disputes, and contract disputes. In Colorado, there are rules called the County Court Rules of Civil Procedure. These rules govern the procedures in county court civil matters.


County civil cases have a threshold of $25,000.

This means that people or businesses that are seeking to recover damages of $25,000 or less can file in county court.


As the parties fie and respond to the claim filed, the court will order them to choose a mediator. Should they select an ODR Mediator, the mediation will be under the ODR umbrella process and corresponding fees assigned by the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR).


During the mediation process, the mediator, a neutral party, assists the parties to resolve the dispute. These discussions are usually confidential and if an agreement is reached the parties may sign a written agreement or memorandum of understanding to confirm their terms of agreement.

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