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  • Rogelio Hernandez-Flores

When is mediation most effective & what are the advantages?

In this blog post, we’ll share two quick lists regarding Mediation

Top Ten Benefits of Mediation

  1. Reduces levels of stress around a difficult relationship

  2. Allows both parties to draw a line under their conflict and move on

  3. Both parties show a commitment to improve the situation just be agreeing to mediation

  4. Involves collaborative problem-solving and does not apportion blame

  5. Can resolve disputes at an early stage to avoid further stress and upset

  6. Can resolve disputes that may seem unresolvable, even those that have continued for a long time and are very complicated and entrenched

  7. Can be quickly organised, normally within 2 weeks of the parties agreeing to mediation, and is much faster than the more formal alternative

  8. A WIN:WIN outcome for both as that outcome is mutually agreed and therefore more likely to work

  9. An open and honest dialogue promotes improved communication and understanding and provides a future focussed resolution

  10. Only the Mediators and the parties to mediation themselves are involved in this process and no record of the proceedings are kept on any files anywhere

When is mediation most effective?

  1. When maintaining a workable relationship is important and necessary to both parties

  2. Tensions, emotions and stress are affecting communication and/or the ability to maintain a workable relationship

  3. Parties have tried to resolve the problem and doubt they have the ability to work things out on their own

  4. Both parties enter into mediation voluntarily and agree to sign a confidentiality agreement

  5. One or both parties feel uncomfortable confronting the other without someone impartial present

  6. Both parties cannot avoid the conflict situation ie they work, study or live together

  7. As a result of the conflict, actions by parties are impacting others

  8. One or both parties wish to avoid formal proceedings

  9. When parties understand that mediation is not a mechanism for apportioning blame or dispensing disciplinary sanctions

  10. The two parties (or more) coming to mediation have the power to resolve the issues themselves without having to rely on a third party who lies outside their sphere of influence

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