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Meet Rogelio

Rogelio Hernández-Flores

ODR Contract Mediator

MAC Professional Bilingual Mediator


Rogelio Hernández-Flores

Rogelio brings to the table a unique combination of skills. He listens to and understands each party’s needs and core interests.

He facilitates these interactions by exploring solutions which are oriented to meet their needs, as well as those required by the judicial system.


Tactful and diplomatic, Rogelio has a talent for simplifying complex issues while openly engaging with people whose perspectives differ significantly. His goal is to find solutions with the client and provide practical judicial information that will serve the client’s best interests.

Experience shows that once people gain an overall understanding of the dynamic interaction between the components and influential details needed for decision making, they are usually in a better position to discover alternatives and solutions.


We will provide …

• A safe and productive environment where you can openly express yourself.

• an integrated approach to crafting comprehensive agreements while balancing the details.

• A way to explore as many alternatives as necessary to reach an out-of-court solution.


You will receive …


• a cohesive vision of how variables interconnect and influence your agreements.

• a deeper insight into finding flexible options while working within perceived boundaries.

• a working roadmap which will define interrelationships and perspectives.

• tentative or decisive offers that can lead to alternatives or solutions.

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Previous Engagements:

  • Certified Court Interpreter

  • Intercultural Business Liaison

  • Cross Border Business Negotiations

  • Intercultural Negotiations & Communication

Background & Experience

Comprehensive courtroom experience as a certified court interpreter; acquainted with court procedures, applicable law, and court rulings. ODR Contract Mediator: Domestic Relations with Pre-decree and Post-decree cases. As well as, Civil County and District cases. Bilingual / Multicultural Mediator: Intercultural expertise, seasoned in working with transcultural uniqueness regardless of nationality, gender or race. Private Mediator: Covering an extended number of court-ordered and self-initiated mediation cases. MAC Professional Mediator in Domestic Relations, Business and Civil matters. ​Cross-Border Business Negotiations: Strengthening organizational performance and negotiations within and across culturally diverse markets.

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Mediation Approach

​If people wish to seek an out-of-court solution, they will most likely find it through mediation. Throughout the process, they will experience a significant transition to a life after divorce.

There are three elements to consider during this process:​

• transitioning gracefully
• avoiding suffering
• preventing long-term damage

Requirements are set forth by the judicial process which address fairness within the agreements. They are equitable and cannot be unconscionable, and must also meet the needs and best interests of the children where applicable.

Each case is unique; however, we believe people can find solutions and fairness through both elemental and judicial processes.

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