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Delivering Results since 2003.

Choice Mediation Colorado

We Provide the most professional, cost-effective and compassionate mediation services in the Rocky Mountain region.



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What Is Mediation?

Rogelio Hernández-Flores

Private / ODR Contract Bilingual Mediator

Founder and Managing Director

Mediation represents a unique opportunity for people and businesses to resolve their differences through self-determination and informed decision-making. Choice Mediation Colorado provides a confidential and safe environment where people can voice their opinions and search for alternatives that can lead to permanent or temporary solutions that best fit family or business needs. 


Our mediation approach facilitates:


  • A party-driven process that searches for workable solutions;

  • Finding alternatives for a sensible transition while resolving conflict; and

  • Modifying agreements that can lead to reaching out-of-court resolutions.


Our services are offered without regard to culture, nationality, gender or race. We specialize in bilingual and intercultural cases. Services are provided in Spanish and English. Other languages may be available upon request.  Have questions? Start at our FAQ page.


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In Person

/person to person mediation

Couple in Mediation
Private Mediation

This gives higher control over a case, allowing for better time management and discussion of specific features involved in the case.


Key Aspects:

  • The mediation process can start before or after a case filing.

  • Pace is determined by the parties

  • Research and evaluate components to form proposals and alternative solutions.

  • Reach more stable agreements after thorough consideration.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
ODR Mediation
(Office of Dispute Resolution)

The court-ordered mediation process starts after a case has been filed.

Key Aspects:

  • Mediation times and agreements are more constrained.

  • The parties usually find themselves under higher pressure to make decisions.

  • Mediation sessions tend to become repetitive after the court orders a final hearing.

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