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Meet Rogelio

Those in conflict often feel disoriented, frustrated and anxious when involved in the legal system and the unpredictability it brings.

As a mediator, I have witnessed this process multiple times and it's gratifying to see how individuals can discover common ground and mutual understanding, even in seemingly impossible circumstances.

My journey toward becoming a mediator has been positively influenced by my exposure to Mexican and American cultures, as well as my professional experience working with Mexico, the United States,

Latin America and Asia in conflict resolution.


Rogelio Hernandes-Flores

ODR Contract Mediator
MAC Professional Bilingual Mediator

Furthermore, my role as a Colorado State judicial interpreter has highlighted the importance of comprehensive communication and its effect on critical decision-making.


By leveraging my diverse background, I bring a distinctive set of tools and knowledge to my mediation practice. My goal is to guide individuals in navigating their conflicts, reducing uncertainty and facilitating effective communication.

Together, we can achieve mutual understanding of each other's viewpoints and discover potential solutions.

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