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District Court Civil Cases

The judicial system identifies these cases as Civil Cases because their issues and complaints addressed by the Civil Law Statutes.


District courts in are the highest civil trial courts in Colorado. Litigation in district courts is governed by the Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure. Their rules are much more complex and the process is designed to offer the parties the opportunity to fully investigate and litigate their claims since, much of the time, these cases involve significant amounts of money in dispute.


The Civil Division at District Courts handle many types of cases and money suits. The claim amounts go well beyond the threshold set for county court civil cases and have no jurisdictional restriction in the amount of money that can be asked for in a lawsuit.

As the parties file and respond to the claim filed, the court will order them to choose a mediator. Should they select an ODR Mediator, the mediation will be under the ODR umbrella process and corresponding fees assigned by the Office of Dispute Resolution (ODR).


During the mediation process the mediator, a neutral party, assists the parties to resolve the dispute. These discussions are usually confidential and if an agreement is reached the parties may sign a written agreement or memorandum of understanding to confirm their terms of agreement.

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